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Your life philosophy: We are on earth for a short period of time. There are so many things to discover, to achieve, so many emotions to share that I would like to live three lives in one. I live my life at 100 % and want to be proud of what I have achieved. 

Your moments of intense joy: The enthusiasm that beholds me for every new project undertake as well as the happiness I see in the eyes of my player when he or she wins. Personally, my children provide me with the greatest joy. 

Anyone you would like to thank: My parents, they have always supported me and will continue to do so.  Serena because she has enabled me to fulfill my dream, and because I keep learning alongside her. 

Your favourite quote: “The verb love is hard to conjugate. Its past isn’t simple, its present is only indicative and its future is always conditional’. 

The player who marked your youth: Björn Borg 

As a player, what is your favorite surface: Clay

Grand Slam tournament you like the most: Roland Garros. It is the tournament I dreamt of winning when I was a kid because I am French. I would run back home from school to be able to follow matches on TV.  

Your fondest memory: There are so many! It’s hard to choose. Probably Marco’s final at the Australian Open. I had been working for ten years to get to that point and got to touch the trophy with my fingertips…

The match you will never forget: The US Open final between Djokovic and Nadal. The highest level of play ever seen on a tennis court between two players at the top of their game as much in attack as in defense. It was simply mind blowing. 

What made you want to coach: Coaching is the most fascinating human adventure. It’s about understanding and discovering the other and entering his universe. I like people and am passionate about the idea of going to meet them, to discover them… I also wanted to coach because it is the best job in the world: helping people achieve their goals and making their dreams come true.

What inspires you: The great coaches in other disciplines; Jose Mourinho, Tony Robbins for instance. Boradoly speaking, those who inspire me are those who dare to be ambitious, who learn from their failures and end up attaining their goals regardless of their area of work. 

Why do you coach beyond the tennis world: Because coaching across disciplines is also fascinating. I work on the human factor and on leveraging success. There are so many similarities and bridges between sports and the business world! My challenge is to build synergies from one to the other.  

Your coaching philosophy in a few words: I only have one method: the best adapted to the each player with whom I work. From my relationship with them, to my communication, to the strategy employed, to the objectives set, everything is tailored to each individual. 

A businessman who inspires or inspired you: My father is a source of inspiration for me. He started with nothing and was able to build EDF Energies Nouvelles. He thinks of business as an art form by refining each and every detail. 

A brand that inspires you: As a lover of sport and tennis in particular, Nike has a special place in my heart. 

Your favorite author : Stephan Zweig

Music you like to listen to: Jazz, soul and Afro American music in general are music I like to listen to. From Al Jarreau, to George Benson, as well as Theleonious Monk and Charlie Mingus.

Favorite actor: Matthew McConaughey. His acting game is contemporary and just phenomenal. His recent performances in Dallas Buyers Club and The Wolf of Wall Street show the breadth of his talent. 

Favourite movie: Million Dollar Baby.

Your favourite places in the World: Australia is a part of the world I find fascinating because it is still incredibly wild, and because it is the best of both American and European culture. Mauritius is a paradise on earth, which I am very attached to because I lived some intense and memorable moments there. Greece and its islands are incredibly beautiful. There, I spent three months of my life in summer every year for over 15 years. To me it is the place in Europe which provides the best well-being. 

A restaurant you would recommend to friends:

« L’Atelier » by Joël Rebuchon.