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SAN FRANCISCO - December 2014

For the annual convention of the best managers of the Accor Group, Patrick spoke on the topic of managerial relationships. During a two-hour long lecture, he revealed the keys to his success as well as shared his vision of the high-level sporting world. Drawing upon his experience as a professional coach on the tour, and in particular his collaboration with Serena; Patrick addressed the fundamentals of management coaching. He emphasized on how the dedication and ambition of a coach for his player raises exactly the same challenges and requirements than a senior manager towards his employees. High-level coaching is a business in itself; the corporation is about coaching on a daily basis.


PARIS - February 2015

Invited as a guest of honor at the 11th edition of the Sports Marketing Sporsora Trophies, which reward the best sports marketing performers in France, Patrick hosted a "Sporsora Guest Lunch" which brought together influential leaders from the Sports Business industry. The Lunch / debate focused on the topic of ‘Key Performance Indicators’.


PARIS - June 2013

During a recent stop in Paris, Bloomberg called upon Patrick to share his boundless ambition. Thus, Patrick answered field questions from senior finance executives. Once again, through his intervention, he highlighted the synergies between economic and athletic success.